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               LICENSED DEFRA TRANSPORTER                  

                 We are Michael, Julie & Laura Estill,

                       hence the name Mikjulora.



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              Tel         07950 508281


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Our involvement with the breed started for me at a young age when I was given a male pup on my 8th birthday. He was a nice boy  that I formed a very strong bond with, he & I were inseparable we spent many long hours together. Now looking back I understand what the dog meant to me & he made sure that the only breed for me would be The Dobermann.

Some years later I was unfortunate with a male that had some very serious temperament problems but I learned even in the situation I found myself that temperament is The First Consideration when purchasing or selecting combinations to breed from..

We pride  ourselves in the fact that  the dogs used by us are of sound character & mind. Our puppies are reared in our home environment with all that goes on around them, they are socialised & we ensure that they are happy to meet people, other dogs,, with the added experience of cars, traffic etc.

We breed only when we feel the time is right  for a particular female with careful consideration of the male to ensure breed type & stability of mind. New owners will need to convince us they are offering a loving permanent home.

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